Pets crematorium

Heavenly Haven

Our pets crematorium is located in Dublin and is available to bereaved pet owners in the surrounding areas. Our crematory for pets is an increasingly popular way to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Our pets cremation services are available to a variety of pets including dogs and cats.


At Heavenly Haven, we understand that saying goodbye is never easy, however, our compassionate pets cremation services can at the very least offer pet owners some closure. The service we provide at our pet crematorium can help begin the healing process. We offer a range of urns, including urns for dogs, which can act as a permanent reminder of how much a pet meant to a family.

Are you wondering if a cremation for your pet is the right option for you? We invite you to call our pet crematorium and speak to one of our compassionate and sensitive team members.

Cremation Pets FAQ

  • I need a pet cremation near me, what is your catchment area?

    Our Dublin premises offers pets cremation services to clients all over Dublin and the surrounding area. Although we have completed cremation pet ceremonies for animal lovers nationwide.

  • What are the costs associated with cremation services for pets?

    We offer fully bespoke cremation pet pricing that’s designed for the needs of the grieving family. We invite you to get in touch if you need to clarify any aspect of our pet cremation services.