Dog Cremation Dublin

Heavenly Haven

Heavenly Haven provide a dog cremation Dublin based service for pet owners who are looking to mark the passing of their beloved pet.

We understand the important role dogs play in family life and how keenly their absence is felt following their death. Our team are here to make your dog cremation as straightforward as possible so that you can focus your energy on mourning your departed friend.

Heavenly Haven will organise transportation to your chosen crematorium or veterinary practice and arrange for the payment of crematory services.

Need help selecting a crematorium for your family pet? Get in touch with us

Ashes Dog

Pet owners can choose to have a private, separate or communal cremation for their dog. The best way to guarantee that you receive the ashes of your pet only is to select a private cremation.


We will ensure ashes are returned to you following the cremation and arrange for the collection of ashes at a time and place that suits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am looking for services in dog cremation near me. What is your catchment area?

    Our dog cremation service is available to clients based in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Please get in touch with us to share your requirements with us.

  • Do you sell dog urns?

    Yes. Heavenly Haven stock handmade urns which have been created by one of Ireland's top ceramicists in their Irish studio. Browse our online shop today to view our range of dog urns.

  • How much does dog cremation cost?

    Pricing will vary from case to case in relation to the size of your pet. Contact us directly to learn more about our dog cremation Dublin service.