Pet Burial

Heavenly Haven

Heavenly Haven provides professional, sensitive and compassionate pet burial services to pet owners throughout Dublin.


Pet cemeteries are gaining popularity as a permanent resting place when home burial is not an option. Visiting a gravesite can offer comfort and the grave is a sacred place to visit your pet's remains and memories, much like visiting the grave of a deceased family member or friend. Often, pet cemeteries provide facilities for holding memorial services as well as full burial and cremation services.


Burying a cherished pet is not an easy thing to do and many pet owners can be overwhelmed by the process. Heavenly Haven is here to handle all aspects of the organisation and planning. We can help transport your pet's body from the place of its passing to a cemetery of your choosing. Pet burials can be completely customised to your wishes. Personalising the casket and memorial headstone for example is hugely beneficial in dealing with your grief and preserving your pet's memory. We can also arrange for a memorial service and even provide catering options.

Home Burial

At Heavenly Haven, we also specialise in home burial services. Home burials are always a popular option as it keeps your beloved pet close to you and keeps their memory alive. We can provide wooden or cardboard caskets for your pet's home burial and will ensure non-biodegradable materials are removed before any burial. We will create a plot in a location of your choosing that is not likely to erode or be dug up again. We can provide the gravesite with a special headstone or plant a tree or bush in the spot where your beloved pet has been laid to rest.


If you wish to bury your pet on your own property, first make sure local laws allow it. Unfortunately, in some areas, the local government does not permit dog burial or other animal burials on personal property.

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