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Heavenly Haven offer a personal and sympathetic service tailored to meet the individual needs of both owners and their recently departed pets in Dublin.

Firstly, I would like to offer my condolences for your loss as it is always hard to say goodbye to a loved pet. Our pets provide us with friendship, loyalty, dedication, lots of love and a lifetime of pet memories.

Being a farmer's son and now living on a farm with animals, I am well aware of creating bonds with pets that can match and even surpass those which we have with other people.

As you bid farewell to your precious one let me, a professional undertaker, give them the care and attention they deserve. I will always keep the cost at a minimum as this is not the time to enhance profits. Once again, my condolences.


Yours faithfully,

John Doran

Pet memories live forever. We offer a professional and sensitive cremation service

Pet Cremation Dublin

The Heavenly Haven team will take care of transportation to the pet cremation Dublin location, removing that burden from you. We also arrange for the payment of the crematory services at the time of our euthanasia appointment so that you have one less thing to worry about during this very difficult time.

There are three categories of defined pet cremation Dublin services available:

  • Private pet cremation: Your pet is cremated individually in the crematorium to ensure we can return your pet's ashes to you
  • Separated pet cremation: Your pet is placed with other pets in the crematorium and set apart at an adequate distance to allow us to return your pet's ashes to you. There may be some slight crossover of ashes
  • Communal pet cremation: Your pet is placed with a number of other pets and not separated. In this case we will not be able to return your pet's ashes to you


Pet cemeteries are gaining popularity as a permanent resting place when home burial is not an option. Visiting a grave site can offer a comforting and sacred place to visit your pet's remains much like when visiting a much loved deceased family member or friend. Often, pet cemeteries provide facilities for holding memorial services as well as full burial and cremation services.


We can help transport your pet's body from the place of its passing to a cemetery of your choosing and can arrange catering services for memorials for an additional fee. The cost of a dog burial, for example, can range widely depending on the type of casket and degree of personalisation you have in mind as a way of preserving your pet memories.

We provide dog cremation services in Dublin. Contact us today and give them the send-off they deserve

Home Burial

If you wish to bury your pet on your own property, first make sure local laws allow it. Unfortunately, in some areas, local government does not permit dog burial or other animal burials on personal property.


A home burial is a special way of adding to your pet memories. Heavenly Haven can provide wooden or cardboard caskets for your pet's home burial and will ensure non-biodegradable materials are removed before any burial. We will create a plot in a location of your choosing that is not likely to erode or be dug up again. We can provide the grave site with a special headstone or plant a tree or bush in the spot where your beloved pet has been laid to rest.

Ashes Returned

We can help you choose the crematorium or veterinary practice you would like the cremation to take place in and can ensure the ashes returned to you are the ashes of your pet. Our staff will complete an individual cremation form depending on your specific cremation requirements.

Owners can choose to have a private, separated or communal cremation for their loved pet and can arrange to collect the ashes of their pet at a time and place that suits both their needs and the needs of the veterinary practice or crematorium.

Get in touch with us and add another special day to your collection of pet memories


Heavenly Haven
Lakeside, Rathlittle

Dublin and surrounding areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find a pet cremation services near me?

    Heavenly Haven is located in Rathlittle, The Naul, Co. Dublin, We offer our pet cremation and pet burial services to pet owners right across Dublin.

  • Will I be able to attend my dog cremation?

    This will depend on the working practices of the crematorium and any licensing conditions that may apply. We realise some owners would like to be present when their dog cremation and we will make every effort to make the experience as tailored to your preferences as is allowed.

  • What measures should I take when performing a home burial for my pet?

    Digging a grave is no easy task and the depth required for a grave can range from two feet to three feet depending on whether your soil is heavy or light and sandy. We would advise on choosing an eco-friendly coffin but covering the grave with paving stones can also prevent wild animals from digging down.

  • How much does a home dog burial cost?

    We will always keep costs at a minimum for what is an emotional and upsetting day. Our service is cost-effective and we will cater to our clients' every preference and requirement. Get in touch today and we will talk you through the various options open to you.